Friday, December 30, 2011

new years.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. Ringing in 2012 shall be a good evening. Make sure you spend it with those you love the most.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i and love and you.

A small shout out to The Avett Brothers. Hopefully I can attend another one of your more than enjoyable shows soon.


  There is a piece of something that we all carry in our hearts, even more so when times get tough. This treasure possesses the ability to keep us waking up each day. It makes no sense for us to walk into a mess. When things seem to be perfect in life, why would we choose an opposite path? We must believe that there is something greater that the Lord wants to accomplish. And He does want to accomplish it. The Lord would never take His children through something that would be to their detriment. If we are choosing Him and wanting truth, we will be blessed by exactly what we need.
  We were given hope in Christ: A promise of a savior to change the course of our fleshly lives into the pursuit of a real relationship with God. If we would allow Him, the Lord is able to fulfill each and every desire of our hearts. As humans, hearing this could mean that if we love God then we just get everything we want. If I have learned anything lately it is that when we pursue the Lord our desires become more like His. I may not receive everything the way I think I want it, but it is helpful to know that He is listening regardless. I read over some of my recent journal entries made. In reading, I discovered some requests I had asked of the Lord and soon forgotten. It was a blessing to see that those small things just written with a bit of hope are actually coming to fruition. It is true that we can trust the Lord. He has written our story long before we could hold a pen.
  I might know what I need today. Potentially, I could give you an estimate of what I would like or need in a year. But the Lord, in His grace, knows what will fulfill me for eternity. Though I have no choice but Him, I choose Him. His mercy is new every morning. I know that only through having to lean on it. A life with Christ may be the hardest, most challenging, tear-creating, and rough path that you could ever choose, but don't let that scare you. Choosing Christ means choosing life abounding in love and peace. It gives us the supernatural ability to trust others. It stirs us to overcome troubles that we encounter. It encourages us to keep going. He loves us and wants to give us the desires of our hearts.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


  Much of what we walk through in life has no explanation. Whether the reason is that the Lord would rather we not know or the answers will be revealed later, at times it is much too hard for our heart to take. When thinking over the past year I remember many fond memories. I was able to travel to a few different states while enjoying the company of loved ones. I was blessed with many gifts and times of laughter. It is good to remind ourselves that it is the joy of the morning that causes us to walk through the sorrow. I've heard that the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter as you walk towards it. That involves taking steps into the ominous darkness before something gets brighter. 
  I have to say that the past two Christmases I have been blessed with the best gifts I could have asked for. Last Christmas, my best friend surprised me with a trip to Asheville for the Avett Brothers' New Year's show. It was a trip filled with laughs and such joy in my heart that at any moment I thought my heart would overflow. Asheville became a treasure in my heart that I never thought another gift would surpass. This year, though a trip was not the gift, I was given something that just a few mentions hinted. The record player and three records above were my gift. They were perfectly thought through. I have been to a concert by each of the artists with my best friend and I carry each of those memories close to my heart. When you know someone is listening it makes such a difference. 
  I know not what tomorrow will hold. My heart can only hope and hold onto Christ. I have been shaken in many ways this year, but I know that the purpose is to only make me stronger. When everything that can be shaken is shaken, the remaining structure will stand. I am growing and learning each day. All we have to hold onto is Christ. He will not disappoint. 
  I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and is blessed by the season that brings us hope, comfort, joy, and peace.

Currently Listening: Chatter from my family opening gifts on Christmas day. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

almost here.

  With only a few more days until Christmas, stealing away some time to just write is difficult. Today I was able to craft together two more of my own gifts and even help my brother with some creativity of his own. For a season that we want to last the longest, it flies by. In about a week, decorations will come down, the tree will lose just enough needles for us to say goodbye and the the most wonderful time of the year will come to a close. It happens just like that. We seem to wait so anxiously and furiously for something to begin yet before we know it it's over. 
  Trying to enjoy Christmas while we have it is my goal. Older people always tell us that years go by faster once you start to grow older. I don't think I have quite felt that way up until this year. In some good ways the season has approached and continued swiftly. Last night after a trip to the grocery with my parents, I began to make some Christmas treats. To my heart's delight we turned on "White Christmas" and at least some of the family was around to enjoy the tradition. 
  The reason for the season brings me such encouragement. Christmas became a holiday because of a savior being brought into the world. I joke about Christmas miracles sometimes, but if I can't be more cheesy, Jesus was a miracle that saved each and every one of us. Saint Nicholas was a nice fellow that gave children gifts, but Christ saved our lives. A red suit and presents over the years has overshadowed the manger tucked away in a barn. Though the season may get hectic and at times I might find it hard to catch my breath, I always want to take time to thank the Lord for the gift of His son. 
  I am so thankful for the presence of the Lord in my life. I learn more each day of how much I can trust Him. Merry Christmas! 

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

presser hall.

  To make up for a missed show in October, The Civil Wars traveled back South December tenth in order to bless the people of Atlanta with a night of perfect harmonies. Disappointment from the earlier scheduled show soon dissipated as the swells of beautifully haunting music filled Agnes Scott's Presser Hall. Short anecdotes of how John Paul White and Joy Williams came to be the success they are caused the hearts of the audience to rejoice. It was a chance meeting; a story that could easily fill a fiction novel, yet it was real. I probably have listened to their full-length album more times than I could count, but I felt as though I was hearing all of the careful compositions for the first time. 
  The duo was meant to perform. The album "Barton Hollow" catches just enough of the magic to draw you in, but there is nothing like seeing the act live. They laugh. They play. They tease and talk. Above all, they love what they do and are so grateful that people would take a night out of their week to attend the show. 
  To accompany me that evening was my best friend. Due to a silly mix up of both of us buying the other a pair of tickets, we were left with two extra that we sold to another couple that joined us for the evening. It was nice to have a chance to tell of God's hand in our relationship. I was reminded of the grace we have had the privilege to walk under. It is easy to forget just how much has been accomplished when there are few opportunities to share. God has chosen quite a road for us to traverse, but I can be nothing but thankful. Walking in the cold to the venue reminded me of some of the first months of knowing each other. I think from the beginning we knew that there was something greater being accomplished than just a good friendship that sparked affection. I can trust that God knows exactly what we need in each season of life. And no matter how difficult the season, there is a chance to yield fruit. 

Currently Listening: "To Whom It May Concern" by The Civil Wars

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

moving mountains.

  I stumbled upon this picture while finding creative ideas for the holidays. Though this isn't much of a holiday gift idea, nor something I would really make, I think the saying is thought provoking. My guess is that this would be a saying that parents would display in their little girl's room to encourage the bright future that would lie ahead. It is a parent's dream for their kids to do something worthy of talking about. I am no mother but from having parents I know the joy it brings them when I accomplish something or in other words "move a mountain." I want to move mountains. I want to be someone that makes a difference and does difficult things. I imagine that when I was small my parents let their imaginations run wild with the dreams that they had for me to bring to fruition. Great ambition is captured in this small frame.
  Many of us know that life comes fast. Unexpected is the name of every street I have chosen to turn onto. I strongly believe that what is waiting around the corner, though intimidating, gives us opportunities to show character and strength. Groundbreaking scientific cures and profound literature certainly make a name for themselves, but what about the smaller accomplishments? Even a small mountain takes much effort to move. This may be a bit of a ramble but the roots of my thoughts sink deep. For the glory of the Lord, I want to move mountains. I want the Lord to say of me, "Let her sleep, For when she wakes, she will move mountains." It would be the highest honor for the king to say this of a daughter. Maybe one day I won't settle for climbing up the rocks, but rather move the foundation. 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There was nowhere to go but everywhere.
-Jack Kerouac

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Sunday, December 4, 2011


  On a day when a small gift meant so much more, I received this mug from my sister. To add to the fact that I love owls, coffee mugs are my favorite item to collect. I have a small collection at this point in time, but only really special and unique mugs make the cut. A mug warmed by a knitted, owl coffee collar surely surpasses the mark. The thought behind this mug meant so much more than receiving it. It's nice to know that someone is thinking of you. I can't wait to break in this mug with a treat of coffee or Christmas coco. 

Currently Listening: "Tracks in the Snow" by The Civil Wars

Thursday, December 1, 2011


  It is a duty of ours to create a record of life. Some people do this in various ways. Pictures are a main keepsake that contain many memories but there is something to be said for words. Whether or not you are well versed, words are inside of you. These combinations of letters can most often be named feelings or emotions. There is power in the way words are expressed. Many therapists use writing as a remedy or escape for their patients. More so than releasing emotion at the time of feeling, these records then are tucked between the covers of a book and hidden away until later rediscovered. It may be strange, but at times I try to remember my thoughts during a certain event. I think about where I was and how I felt and try to imagine what I could have been thinking. To my own dismay, I continue to put off penning a piece of history in my life.
  Recently, I dug up some old things I had written. Not only did my rapidly written notes remind me of great memories and feelings, they also resurfaced some rough patches of life that I thought, then, I would never get through. On the other side, I find a circumstance rather trivial and small. It gives me hope. Our flesh is so intimidated by time. For a mother's newborn, life is too fast. For a burgeoning relationship, life takes too long. For a troubled heart, life needs to speed up. This taps into the discontent that humans naturally deal with and attests to our failure to glean from wherever we are.
  Reading excerpts from Whitman caused me to ponder a few ideas. Normally his writings encourage me to read as fast as possible to get through the material and be done. Whitman proposes, "To be ripe beyond further increase is to prepare to die." A somewhat morbid picture, yet it brought me hope. Whitman is not one of faith, but his statement seeps with truth. To my heart, it read, "If we have stopped learning and growing, then we cease to live in a way that would produce fruit." A dead tree produces neither good nor bad fruit. It is stale, stagnant and without purpose. We can fall into a paralytic state if we succumb to our condition.
  Even in a season of winter, the tree has hope of spring. The bare limbs are strong against the bitter cold and fallen snow in preparation for fresh growth come warm weather. We can wait. The word gives us plenty of evidence that a season of waiting is of God. "Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength." (Isaiah 40:31) He is faithful to grant us exactly what we need for each day. Psalms 27:14 tells us to "Wait on the Lord, Be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord." David went through the fire. He knew how it felt to be far away from God, or rather feel like he was. We are asked to draw near.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011


  As much as all roads look the same up close, many differ in shape, size and form. We travel on these roads hoping that the turns and changing elevations will bring a delightful surprise around the bend. We slope into low valleys that take a climb to get out, but in the end we make it. No two roads look the same. Though sometimes our wiry roads converge with another's to get to a common end. I feel like a small child in the backseat asking the infamous question, "Are we there yet?" Most often when posing that question, the trip has only lasted just over an hour or two. Stuck in a car seat, someone can learn a lot. Contentment would be put into practice along with patience. Much to our dismay, the lessons are more challenging than anticipated though they produce much fruit.
  I find myself in a valley or on a long trip today. I know the end will be fulfilling yet the drive seems slow. In the waiting, I have something more than a book, or short show to watch; I have faith. There is grace and peace for those that take hold of it. I trust in the Lord and that what He wants to accomplish is good. There's something to be said for those of us that can stand to wait. I have no intention of stopping my car. The sayings try to explain the feeling when speaking of green grass and silver linings. Only the Lord can water the grass or make the sun come out to shine. He is what we wait for. Or possibly, He has been waiting on us. I am learning.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

diy christmas trees.

  It's that time of year again. The time when stores are bustling with people and Christmas music fills the mall. My mom brings up the boxes stuffed with decorations and in just a few hours our house turns into a  picturesque holiday home. My favorite part has always been the tree. I would say that if it was the only decoration I had, I would be pleased. It's the smell. It's the light it brings to the room. It's the moments of family sitting in the dark with the fire crackling, enjoying a cup of coco while watching the illumined tree glow. It warms my heart. 
  In the coldest season of the year, I seem to be the warmest. My parents have always done a wonderful job at making this season a magical one. Not one Christmas do I ever remember being disappointed. Whether we were making cookies, shopping, decorating, or just being together, something was there. It's a something that brings us all together. Many years my heart thought it was just "Christmas." But more than that, it is the season that we celebrate the reason we have unity and life. If it weren't for a manger, this season, which we all love so dearly, would cease to exist. 
  More this year, I have been wrapped in thoughts of wanting Christmas to be perfect. I can find such fault in placing so much emphasis on that idea. I just want to be with my family. I want to be with the people I know have been there every year. I want to celebrate life and the gift of the most wonderful family I could have asked for. The likelihood of Christmases changing over the next few years is real. 
  I have been given a better gift than what I open Christmas morning. I get to love on the ten, and now eleven, people that were placed in my life. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Currently Listening: "You are Emmanuel" by Truth (My family's traditional Christmas album)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

the bee's knees.

I have no idea why this saying is so cute, but it is. It is undefined, yet everyone knows what it means. Things like this are endearing. It's not like a saying that loses it's value. It is used sparingly to keep the charm. My boy said it to me the other day to be silly, but it turned out to be sweet like a bee's honey.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


An adorable sweater made from a regular sweatshirt and some doilies. 
I am on a hunt for some doilies to make this.

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  Anticipation for what the show would bring filled every soul. Memories of how wonderfully crafted the previous album, "The Reminder" was, planted a seed of hope that "Metals" would be a success. Leslie Feist, a Canadian singer-songwriter, is a success grown from failure. From the confident stage presence she carries, no one would suspect a hint of this truth.
  She marched on stage with pure gratitude that even one person would attend the show. "Undiscovered First" opened the show and the stage itself became an instrument. Leslie along with her trio of voices would stomp to provide a solid beat. Tambourines, shakers, bells, and various other homemade instruments were used to create the small sounds heard in various parts of the album. Even cloaks that had bells and shakers sewn into the inside were worn by the trio creating a soft jingle as they swayed. Creativity flowed from every inch of the Tabernacle's stage the night of November sixth, two thousand and eleven. Feist asks that the crowd join her in song. "Do-do's" and "na-na's" gave the audience a part to play and out of all of the previous shows played on this tour, Atlanta was the first to "na na na."
  Pleasure beamed from every face on stage. To reward Atlanta, Georgia, the trio named "Mountain Men," sang a beautiful a cappella song that left my mouth hanging open. Voice being one of my favorite components of music made it easy for me to appreciate the perfect pitch and harmony that the ladies performed.  Not only did the entire new album, "Metals," get played flawlessly, but a few of her oldies were remastered with an new indie-rock flare. Her voice was pure. Talent that is a gift.
  A set of four encore songs were written in on the setlist. Leslie and the trio came out with just one guitar to play "Cicadas and Gulls." All four crouched around one microphone, relying solely on the voices coming from the others. Another encore song, "Let it Die," was so sweet I turned around to dance with Jason. A few on stage liked the idea and began dancing with each other. The little, unique things that take place in a show are what makes it so memorable.
  All of the musicians were off-stage and people were leaving. The front row was begging for a setlist from the techs on stage. As with every other show, Jason headed to the back to ask the sound guys for a setlist and it was ours. There was a still feeling in the venue. Almost strange, as if something else would happen. The techs were in no hurry to clear the equipment and we were left to watch. All of the sudden Jason said that we needed to stay and see if Feist would come back out. Within a few minutes of clapping and hollers, she made her way back onto stage, alone, with her electric guitar. Much to our delight, Leslie sang her song "Intuition" for the few fans that remained. She didn't do it because she had to. She wanted to. All of the hard work and time spent in a studio had given her that moment. She could play her music, and people wanted to hear it.
 You have no premonition for what will happen on the stage yet everything you want to see is displayed.  It was a concert that makes you walk away having a deeper love for the art of music.

Currently Listening: "Comfort Me" by Feist

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love these flowers. 

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  I love it when these types of things happen. Bands that have made it big and could play anywhere they want decide to drive to a college town to perform for a capacity of five hundred. The show was announced just over a week before the date and we were lucky to get the tickets. Jason and I got to spend the evening with my best friend and her boyfriend in the bulldog college town. A hole-in-the-wall restaurant called "clocked" served up a feta cheese and bacon burger that hit the spot. It just happened to be a couple doors away from the "40 watt club" venue. 
  On the way up I realized that I had no cash in case I wanted to get a shirt. Jason graciously informed me that the merch from Band of Horses was less than appealing at their other shows. With this knowledge I quickly dismissed the thought of obtaining cash. Wouldn't we know it that when we walked into "40 watt" and looked to the right, there was a shirt with my favorite animal (besides a panda) on it. Oh owls... Jason was so sweet to get me the shirt, even after a fiasco with an ATM machine that had no money. My best friend and I now have wonderful owl shirts. 
  OH! and about the show. It was wonderful. Band of Horses blew me away with their pristine harmonies. For such an odd-ball group covered in strange tattoos and skinny jeans, they sure know how to create beautiful music. A few of my favorite songs are "Laredo" and "The General Specific." My hopes are always high that they will play "Evening Kitchen" but I soon realize that it is far-fetched. Loud moments caused me to put ear plugs in but a few of my favorite songs begged me to take them out. Sometimes I want to hear the volume. I enjoy shows. I enjoy the talent of bands being displayed in front of me and not just on a CD that they created in a studio with a hundred or more takes. Shows expose what a band is really like. It takes talent to slit your finger on a guitar string while playing and choose to finish the song. I could have closed my eyes and listened to the song and never known what had happened. 
  It pushes and challenges me. 

My apologies for the backwards words.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

apres diem.

  After a less than successful day of doing nothing but working on music, Jason and I headed down to midtown for dinner with his sister and brother-in-law. "Hob Nob" is a restaurant owned by two Turkish brothers with quite the American menu. An interesting appetizer made with poutine and chicken gravy held our stomachs over until it was time for our meal. The sun falling caused the air to become brisk, but the choice to sit outside in the fresh air was perfect.
  Jason and I chose to get some warm drinks after dinner and it just so happened that a French cafe, "Apres Diem," was only a few blocks away. I enjoyed drinking my first hot chocolate of this cold season, sitting at a table with my boy. Just to add to the sweetness of my drink, my favorite flower, a gerber daisy, was in a small vase at every table. Strange techno and pop music came from all of the speakers, quite contrary to the mood of the cafe. Close to the end of the evening, a few guys arrived performing some smooth jazz music that made us wish we had arrived an hour later.
  It was a good evening. One that is needed. I feel like we were blessed with relaxation just not when it was expected. I have been learning more and more that life is more of the unexpected than the expected.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A perfect mix of classy, feminine and sophisticated. swoon.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  Everyone needs it. It either can be taken in small doses or large sums, but the need is inevitable. It was a morning that I wished I could have stayed enveloped in warm covers and dark silence. The alarm went off but pressing snooze twice only reminded me that class was in a little over an hour.
  Sometimes I wish I were one that could run on the littlest sleep possible. Maybe then my day would seem longer and I, potentially, could accomplish more. Every time my head hits the pillow I think of ten different things that I wanted to do but didn't. Of course, part of this diagnosis could be due to laziness or lack of ambition. I want every part of the day. Morning, noon, and night each serve their precious purpose. We rise with mercy and lie down with grace. Waking up early provides opportunity to run in the crisp air and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Staying up later means logs aflame in the fire place and a calm cup of tea with loved ones. Somewhat impossible to choose one or the other. Sleep gets in the way; without it we lose energy, but with it we lose time.
  Just some thoughts on the morning. This picture was what I was hoping to see or hear upon waking this morning.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

balloons and bmw's.

All I can say is, these people got it right. They are so adorable and fun. The balloon idea was precious to make it look like he was flying away. A bit of silliness should always be welcomed on a wedding day. In addition to their creativity they chose the best car possible to drive away in, not to mention the "married" license plate. These folks did a wonderful job of showing personality and having a ball. I am so excited that I stumbled upon this story.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So this will be my next project. My first elbow patch sweater is nice, but I also think that the heart shapes are adorable. 

Currently Listening: "Girl with the Red Balloon" by The Civil Wars (Still saddened over the show on Sunday being cancelled.)

Monday, October 10, 2011


Showing off my new owl ring while sipping on a Monday morning cup of Waffle House coffee. Credit to my boy for the photo. 

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


I want to make a quilt from all of these patterns. Yep.


  Who knew that buckling down and finishing homework could take so much work. Honestly, there are so many things that I could be doing that I would enjoy. Not to mention the fact that people, the internet and thoughts whisk me off to my fairytale land of creativity. I realize more and more that this lack of discipline, or concentration, not only shows up in my school work but in many other areas of my life. Even the wonderful ideas I have of creating, painting, making music, etc. are set aside just for the excuse of wasting time. I want to be more diligent. As most anyone knows, this trait can only come with practice. I liken it to friendships. Although at this point in time there aren't many that I can compare this to, but it's true that you only get out what you put in. Our fulfillment of joy is only present when the reward of our efforts are seen. I want to complete a novel that I have been working on for months. I want to paint a canvas that I am pleased with and enjoy. I want to find the words to the melodies that float about in my mind daily. I could find a downfall of almost anything that I choose to do. What's hard is I know how much greater the hard work will feel once completed. I presume this is just another fight with flesh that we must overcome. Possibly more of a scheduled week would help with this problem. A solution is hiding somewhere. I'll find it.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

apple cider.

I have decided to try this spiced apple cider recipe. I hope it is super tasty because it looks delectable. recipe found on this wonderful blog.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


  It turns out that autumn in Georgia ends up feeling much more like a mild summer. The mornings have a refreshing breeze but soon after the sun rises into the sky the warmth engulfs our Southern peach state. There have been some very nice days that are more than comfortable to sit outside and enjoy the breeze but also a few that make me want to resort to shorts and a t-shirt.
  I am enjoying being content. I am working hard to find the reward in the more thought-provoking or frustrating things in life. Many days I wish I could be Mrs. Fix-it and create perfect situations of how life would work out. After I finish day-dreaming, I realize the kind of responsibility that would rest on my shoulders if I were to attain that job. Working at fixing me, I think, is responsibility enough. I don't always have the right reactions nor say all the right things, but I am learning; learning not to be selfish but more so think of the people around me first. I reckon the world would be a much more pleasant place   that way. 
  I feel like the need for grace grows daily. It's an overwhelming feeling when I realize there is enough.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

simple pretties.

It was a sunny, Sunday afternoon spent having good conversation with great company.

The bright yellow makes a pop against the dark backdrop of this picture.

I love the assortment of chairs around each table. So unique!

A freshly found Vintage bicycle displayed in front of a wonderful wooden slat wall.

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Monday, September 19, 2011


  What does it mean to invest? In my short 18 years of experience, I have found that it means to give of something important, voluntarily, knowing fully that there may not be a return in order. Stock brokers understand this. Every day they put the fate of a large sum of money into the hands of a company that may or may not succeed. It seems like humans continue to lower their intelligence by entering into this type of trade. To our demise, we set ourselves up to win big or lose it all within a matter of minutes. 
  The only answer that I can muster is that the hope of winning or out-weighing the odds overcomes the fear of defeat. People make this large-sum investment not only in stocks but in various aspects of life. We put hope into people, the economy, traditions, a country or the government counting on the fact that all of these things "could" turn out well. Investing in people would have to take first place in comparison to other things. It is personal. Instead of green paper falling from your pockets, your heart, emotions, and feelings are left in a vulnerable place of loneliness or fear. The return, or lack of, is much harder to handle. 
  So why do people just not have friends? Why do people invest in an almost assured return of nothing? One must decide that the risk is more rewarding than safety. It takes a great deal of courage to be a friend. At times I struggle in thinking I am a good one. I have to be selfless. Relationship leaves no room for  selfish ambition. Daily, I work on being strong enough to be revealed. A pleasant return one week is followed by the lack of feeling or requited love. No longer a hermit, I am crawling out of my shell.  Friendship is worth it; the belief of being worthy to have friends is too.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

e.e. cummings.

simply and perfectly said.

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  A morning necessity that frequently accompanies the breakfast table. Pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu at Starbucks. I am holding out for the perfect autumn-esque day where I can sit outside and sip to my heart's delight. The days cannot get colder any quicker. There is something sweet about enjoying a cup of warm coffee and I don't just mean the sugar that disguises the bitter bean. Maybe it is the company that usually goes along with the beverage. A cold day warmed by a cup in hand and the conversation of friends rarely has a substitute. This could be added to the list of reasons that fall is awarded the best season in my heart. A smidge of hope rises up in me every time I walk out my front door the morning that separates August from September. If the South is lucky, a crisp air will cause windows and doors to open throughout our house. The excitement of a new season seldom loses its joy.

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Monday, September 12, 2011


  So I make many lists. To-do lists mostly but they normally give me the incentive to do things. They serve many purposes. Some list the items that need to be packed for a trip. Some outline the errands I need to finish for a certain day. Others give me an allotted time to get things finished. This past summer I created a list of fun things that I would like to do while the hot sun was shining brightly in the sky. Making strawberry lemonade was one of those tasks.
  I traveled up to the lovely Lake Junaluska in Waynesville, North Carolina with my boyfriend, Jason, and his family over labor day weekend. His grandparents live in a small house right on the edge of the lake that makes a good place for making memories. Jason's parents are missionaries in France. Before they shipped out, they wanted to hug their kids' necks. It was a blessing for them that all four children were able to gather with their families (and girlfriend) to say their last goodbyes. Good food and great memories were shared while the rain tickled the roof of the outside screened in porch. We received our first taste of fall with temperatures dipping into the sixties. Laughter flooded every room. Sometimes it was brought on by a funny story or by Grandpa Don doctoring the large blister on my foot.
 On a trip to the store, Jason and his dad decided to get some lemonade mix and strawberries for me to make nothing less than a wonderful batch of strawberry lemonade. While Jason mixed the lemonade, I crushed and cut the strawberries to adorn the glasses and fill the sweet, southern drink. From the looks of the pitcher at the end of the meal, we gathered that the treat was a hit.
  The trip was as bitter-sweet as the strawberry lemonade we made. It was hard to say goodbye, but the assurance that we will see them again soon was comforting. There is nothing like knowing that people are following the path that the Lord has set before them with full confidence.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


The colors of this bouquet are exquisite.


I think that this artist did a wonderful job of catching the details of these creatures using watercolors. 
Found here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


  At times it takes being left for pieces of life to be reconfigured and placed together. It seems as though the pieces we thought would forever stay the same shape in a puzzle have suddenly changed form. They still fit into the large picture but they have taken a different position; they could be closer but sometimes pulled further away. It throws one off when suddenly what they had been working on piecing together their entire life has changed.
  A transition of this kind is difficult. Not to say that what this does to us as people is bad, it just shows the parts of our heart that are unsettled. If life is not built upon rock then the only other option is sand. The slightest wind or motion blows away the small crystals that only form to the moment's condition. When built on solid rock, the winds, tides, and storms come but have little effect on the state of stability.
  It is easy to become frantic with change. It is easy to run away from reality. It is better to stand on the rock that will never be shaken. Hearts are at peace in this place. I am confident in moving forward and excited for seasons to come.
  I have never been left.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

a year.

  Mention of a surprise on a said friday night did nothing but build anticipation for what might come. A surprise tends to monopolize your thoughts to a point of spoil but I have learned to tame this urge. More often than not I try to forget that I know anything. I spent the day last friday musing over details of where my wonderful boyfriend would take me. Outlandish thoughts of a one-day trip somewhere was soon replaced by the idea of a creative dinner that involved some conversation and simply time. Too excited to wait, I got ready nearly two hours before it was time to leave. I put on my favorite dress and big girl shoes and every so often checked to see if my hair or make-up had messed up since my last look.  He arrived and with a short goodbye we were off. South on I-85, we entered the city. Exits passed. Music slipped through the speakers as we exchanged glances of adoration and joy. 
  With the evening beginning well before expected, "time to kill" was in order. Walking through the city lead us past the Tabernacle and on to Woodruff Park. We enjoyed the sweetness of Starbucks coffee and cake pops while being surrounded by a park full of cyclists ready to embark on an excursion. A strange part of town, from what we gathered, was a mix of college students, indie-folk, and the confused individuals that bike to negate the health effects of their nicotine. A reservation for seven thirty seemed far off at six o'clock in Atlanta's end-of-summer heat. 
  We walked for what seemed like miles until I found myself making the decision to be content with where we were. Just being together was what mattered. When the realization that a picnic in shorts and a t-shirt would be just as delightful, my heart found that the heat dissipated and the blisters disappeared. Seven o'clock came and we entered "The French American Brasserie" in Atlanta. Our reservation was moved up and the host showed us the way to the elevator. The evening was spent looking over the city of Atlanta and catching traces of the sunset. We even spotted a hidden "I love you" on the side of an old building.
  Our first course was a cheese plate garnished with sweet spreads to compliment the bread brought to the table. The plate held a bleu cheese that made a frenchman wince. Distracted by a sweet face and laughter, I unfortunately dropped the last sliver of my favorite cheese on the ground. The waiter recited the specials void of a French accent. We ordered salmon and duck for our main courses, quickly passing over the mention of eating rabbit. Candles were lit as we exchanged expressions of what the last year held. Hiccups aside, it was a perfect evening. I have been blessed beyond measure with a wonderful man of God. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


An old chair created from old belts weaved together and attached to an old chair frame. Genius.

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Friday, August 19, 2011


So last week I finally decided to be productive and finish these frames/ jewelry holders for the wall in my bedroom. I have to say that I am rather pleased with the outcome. Kudos to my boy for drilling the holes and helping with twisting in the hooks. 

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