Wednesday, February 19, 2014

pursue it.


  Most often we sink beneath numerous ideas which amount to nothing and bury us in comfortability and lethargy. My experience tells me that people are accepting of this nature. This is a generalization made from a small portion of experience but nonetheless speaks truth into ears of those waiting... and waiting... and waiting. It is seen even in the hearts of older folk who fail to let go of the "glory days" and prize those moments as the only time when they truly lived. But why leave it there?
    We are nervous, intimidated and sure of failure before we begin. I will admit, my own heart has spoken these things at weak moments, but I have also been to a place of overcoming and taking huge steps towards an important portion of my life. I had to make exceptions to even very valid arguments that some people made, but I made it to the city; that big city where people say that dreams come true. No, I do not believe that my life began when I went there. I certainly learned about confidence, friendship and peace within constant movement. No, I learned about the satisfaction that came from being exactly where I was supposed to be and doing precisely what I was to be doing.
   This step has repeated itself in recent months. My husband is pursuing his music full-time. When I say that I do not mean that he is trying to get gigs on nights and weekends after work. He took a step towards what he feels called to, and I fully support him. I have seen joy well up within him after finishing writing. I have also listened, and responded a bit too much, while he is wrestling with his worth. All of these moments together have created his story of walking into that unknown. That road that many never begin and most who begin fail to finish. I want to see completion.
    More lately we have heard of friends who are thinking about steps of their own. Take them. Invest in those desires.

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