Thursday, August 27, 2015

Diane Keaton.

  After looking at a few blog posts around the web, I noticed a few photos of Diane Keaton. Some were from her role in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" and others of the glory days in her youth. People say that style always comes back around. Keaton was sporting looks we aspire to mimic today. I appreciate the effortless glamour and timeless beauty she expresses in her style. Maybe it is the menswear, or possibly the large-framed glasses. Regardless, her confidence radiates from every angle.

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A side note: Today marks 5 years that Jason and I have known each other! So many wonderful memories we have shared in that time. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kate Miss Creative.


        Kate Miss is a Seattle native who spent her formative years in New York City. In recent years she has been located in Los Angeles and that has only furthered her design endeavors. It can be said that many people "do it all," but I think in Kate's case this is certainly true. Not only does she have a creative eye to capture moments and develop designs, but Kate has also owned her own business and is in the process of launching her own jewelry line this coming fall/winter (!!!). Needless to say, it is beautiful work that I can't help but share. 

Check out some of her look-book with upcoming designs for later this year!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


   People may have seen this small jewelry company growing in popularity across various fashion blogs and even Caroline Donofrio's recent post on A Cup of Jo. The simple designs add to the ease of Summer. Whether throwing on a t-shirt to go to an ice cream shop or slipping into a dress for a warm evening dinner, the jewelry adds to your outfit without creating a look that is too busy. I love the muted colors and assorted geometric shapes strung together by a rope-like strand. MASLO JEWELRY has created a unique look to accompany the loosely cut apparel showing up in the fashion world. 

   Warning: This site may put your wallet on a diet. 

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