Sunday, December 25, 2011


  Much of what we walk through in life has no explanation. Whether the reason is that the Lord would rather we not know or the answers will be revealed later, at times it is much too hard for our heart to take. When thinking over the past year I remember many fond memories. I was able to travel to a few different states while enjoying the company of loved ones. I was blessed with many gifts and times of laughter. It is good to remind ourselves that it is the joy of the morning that causes us to walk through the sorrow. I've heard that the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter as you walk towards it. That involves taking steps into the ominous darkness before something gets brighter. 
  I have to say that the past two Christmases I have been blessed with the best gifts I could have asked for. Last Christmas, my best friend surprised me with a trip to Asheville for the Avett Brothers' New Year's show. It was a trip filled with laughs and such joy in my heart that at any moment I thought my heart would overflow. Asheville became a treasure in my heart that I never thought another gift would surpass. This year, though a trip was not the gift, I was given something that just a few mentions hinted. The record player and three records above were my gift. They were perfectly thought through. I have been to a concert by each of the artists with my best friend and I carry each of those memories close to my heart. When you know someone is listening it makes such a difference. 
  I know not what tomorrow will hold. My heart can only hope and hold onto Christ. I have been shaken in many ways this year, but I know that the purpose is to only make me stronger. When everything that can be shaken is shaken, the remaining structure will stand. I am growing and learning each day. All we have to hold onto is Christ. He will not disappoint. 
  I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and is blessed by the season that brings us hope, comfort, joy, and peace.

Currently Listening: Chatter from my family opening gifts on Christmas day. 

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