Thursday, March 20, 2014


    Though I am no expert on the subject, it seemed relevant because of my recent purchase that I would research some about succulents. Specifically, I am interested in keeping them alive inside of my home. Google is a wonderful help in this department. I simply searched something to the effect of "growing succulents inside." I was surprised to find out that some of the choices I made were conducive to indoor living. 

    One tip is that you should pick green plants. This would be no surprise to folks who do not have any idea what a succulent is. They generally come in various colors anywhere from orange to purple in color. Green succulents generally tend to grow best when inside. Succulents grow in numerous shapes and sizes, so when in need of green ones, there will be plenty of options. 

   The biggest question that I had was, "How do I keep my plants alive?!" These small and delicate plants are actually quite simple in nature. After watering them, there is no need to water again until the soil they live in is completely dry. Overwatering is the trouble with this kind of plant. (Not to mention, cacti appreciate the lack of watering as well.) Sit them on a sunny window sill or somewhere that sees the sun's bright rays. 
   I hope that they stay alive because they make me so happy. I also enjoy seeing some plants inside of my home reminding me of spring!

Happy Spring everyone!

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P.S. The hubs and I get to travel down to Savannah, Ga to see The Avett Brothers this weekend. Woop!