Tuesday, September 29, 2015


   On Saturday, one of my classes took a trip to The Cloisters museum. Typically I am the one who is traveling an hour across the island to get to class, but this day I took the train a few stops North to a bit of paradise. Fall is upon us, if the Starbucks advertisements and Instagram photos have not already clued you into the matter. The leaves have started changing and the view from the West Terrace of the museum was beautiful. 

   Being so close to the museum, I decided to invite a few ladies back to my apartment for brunch. I was excited to host. Jason and I realized that since moving into our apartment in May, we have yet to host many gatherings. Before I knew it, four ladies turned into eight. The group of us travelled back down the subway and on to our local wine shop and grocery for the rest of the essential brunch items.

   As a natural introvert, hosting can tend to be an overwhelming task. Though in this case I feel like the morning unfolded pleasantly. My friend Kayla poured the mimosas. Meredith chopped the veggies and the beautiful photos are credit to my dear friend, Alex. Playing hostess kept me from capturing sweet moments that passed, but I am ever thankful for the helping hands and company. It was a beautiful morning full of stories and laughter. I realized that a home becomes more home-like when it is lived in. I have more memories in every room of my little apartment--I look forward to making many more. 

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Zadie Smith.

     In 2012, Interview Magazine interviewed Zadie Smith concerning her new novel, NW. The interview explains some of Smith's thoughts on writing her newest novel, but also offers her opinion on what makes a novel good. Smith is of the opinion that when people are young, in their twenties, they have an informed grasp on the world, yet lack the insight into their own lives. Then with age, people begin to understand more about themselves and less about the world around them. In her own writing she has seen that shift, or in some cases, growth.

 "When I'm disappointed by a novel, why am I disappointed? And it's really something so simple. For it to be a worthwhile novel, there has to be a reason for it to be in written language. In 1820, that was not one of the demands because there was no other option. That's what there was as a medium. But now there are all these other mediums. I could hear a song. I could watch a film. I could be on the Internet. You have to give me a reason why you have written this down."
- Zadie Smith, 2012

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

On Brunch at Home.

    It is Labor Day weekend. I think this might be the first time in my adult life when I have fallen into the "9-5" category of work. The world of retail so sweetly absorbed my holidays, then offered a day off at another, more convenient time when a sale was not flooding the store with customers. The three-day weekend is a new thing to me and thus far I have enjoyed it thoroughly. 
    Jason left for work fairly early and my mind wouldn't let me slip back into a slumber. I got up. I was milling about my apartment after getting out of bed. I cleaned some. I repotted a plant. I finished up some dishes from yesterday and read a few pages in All the Light We Cannot See. After a couple of hours doing this and that, I realized I had yet to eat! My stomach was already in a state of panic, so I contemplated getting by with cereal or some yogurt. Then I realized the mistake I was about to make. I am enjoying a nice weekend of leisure. Though my to-do list might be growing, I have the time to sit and enjoy a meal. 
    Somewhere along the line, we decided that brunch occurs when you meet up with a friend, or a group of friends, and eat a fancy meal in the late hours of the morning. I had not planned to have brunch with anyone, but I could not give myself a reason to not enjoy a nice meal in my own kitchen. I turned on the stove top and put on some eggs. I grabbed a piece of bread and tossed it into the toaster. I laid a bed of spinach on my plate and placed the sunny-side up eggs on top, with a spread of Boursin cheese as a garnish. The toast finished and Bonne Maman, mixed berry preserves sweetened the meal. I poured some French press coffee and enjoyed a nice, slow meal at my kitchen table. 
    Nathan Williams expresses this notion in the mission of Kinfolk. They advocate "slow-living" and enjoying the process as much as the meal. I typically enjoy my meals. I guess this morning was a good reminder that even in solitude, enjoying the process is important. 

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