Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Esby Apparel.

I know that the Summer is moving past us quickly, but the heat has only just begun in the city. Sadly, I am waving goodbye to days full of a cool breeze and seventy degree weather. It might just be my dreamlike wishes, but perusing Esby Apparel's lookbook has made me realize that lighter fabrics and natural hair is not such a bad thing to embrace. the items are very basic in design, yet fit perfectly into a Summer wardrobe. This American-made company is doing their best to cultivate their style as effortlessly as possible. 

In other news, friends and family are starting their trips to visit our little home in New York City. I am learning more and more about  myself. I have hosted more people in my apartment than I think it can realistically support, yet I am learning to be free with the space I have been given. Balance is a good thing and I am trying to live it well. 

Currently Listening: "Wolf" by Sylvan Esso (They were amazing at Celebrate Brooklyn the other night!)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Being Mindful in My Home.

As much as decorating a home is fun, fulfilling and important, I find that somehow you accumulate too many things. From just a few short years of having my own space I gained multiple knick knacks and items that I don't want. Sometimes people have given you things or you bought something at a thrift store because it was just so cheap! I came a across this quote and realized the mistakes I have made in feeling compelled to keep things in my home. Specifically in a spatially challenged place like New York City, what you really need are essentials. Anything other than that should be beautiful and bring you joy. So now, go forth, decorating and purging away! I know that's what I will be doing. 

Currently Listening: To my husband tell me it is time to watch a soccer game. (I love him).

Wednesday, July 1, 2015



    This restaurant and everything about its atmosphere is diving. A Cup of Jo featured a small wedding and the reception meal was held at this spot. Living in New York City, there are always so many places to discover and try. I am itching to get myself down to this gem later in the week. Something that brings me such joy is beautifully curated spaces. From what I can tell my eyes will be feasting alongside my stomach. 

Currently Listening: Top 40 Hits (The reason? I am caged in my office for the day. Looking forward to the long weekend.)