Wednesday, November 6, 2013

what is marriage?

   This question is large. My efforts within this post are not purposed to fully answer this question, or even answer it to a small degree. It is just to voice my thoughts on the matter. My experience is quite crucial seeing how I have been at it for two and a half weeks. Take it however you like.
   In this stage of life, everything is WONDERFUL. Yes, fun-loving, joyful, exciting are my adjectives for marriage right now. He is my best friend and a joy to be around. I go to work and think, "boy, I can't wait to be home with my honey." I hear these are all good signs and very indicative of the "newlywed" stage that is so often spoken of. I have all the symptoms of this and own them.
   Along with these fuzzy, warm feelings that make you happy inside comes the reality that there are things you would prefer not to do but choose to do anyway. Waking up at 5:30am is not too bad of a deal. Your day starts out without rushing around getting things ready. My warm bed beckons me to return, yet that time in the morning is precious and has made days better. Another example is featured in the picture above. When looking at this picture, I sleep on the right. I think of myself as a pretty neat and organized individual, but when it comes to my bed it is just not a priority. Looking to the left side of the picture shows you that a tidy bed is of the upmost importance to my husband... I make the bed after I wake up. Small details throughout the day are what I have found make a difference. I clean up the dishes from breakfast, Jason takes out the trash. I put on a record for some nice music while cooking dinner and Jason lights the candles in the apartment for that "home-like"smell I love.
   I am no therapist, Ph D holder, or even a seasoned wife, but I do have some knowledge now. It is more important for me to make the effort to do things for Jason that he prefers. I am not under the impression that the newlywed stage will last forever, but I intend on our marriage doing just that. Pulling up the covers is worth it.

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