Wednesday, November 2, 2011


  I love it when these types of things happen. Bands that have made it big and could play anywhere they want decide to drive to a college town to perform for a capacity of five hundred. The show was announced just over a week before the date and we were lucky to get the tickets. Jason and I got to spend the evening with my best friend and her boyfriend in the bulldog college town. A hole-in-the-wall restaurant called "clocked" served up a feta cheese and bacon burger that hit the spot. It just happened to be a couple doors away from the "40 watt club" venue. 
  On the way up I realized that I had no cash in case I wanted to get a shirt. Jason graciously informed me that the merch from Band of Horses was less than appealing at their other shows. With this knowledge I quickly dismissed the thought of obtaining cash. Wouldn't we know it that when we walked into "40 watt" and looked to the right, there was a shirt with my favorite animal (besides a panda) on it. Oh owls... Jason was so sweet to get me the shirt, even after a fiasco with an ATM machine that had no money. My best friend and I now have wonderful owl shirts. 
  OH! and about the show. It was wonderful. Band of Horses blew me away with their pristine harmonies. For such an odd-ball group covered in strange tattoos and skinny jeans, they sure know how to create beautiful music. A few of my favorite songs are "Laredo" and "The General Specific." My hopes are always high that they will play "Evening Kitchen" but I soon realize that it is far-fetched. Loud moments caused me to put ear plugs in but a few of my favorite songs begged me to take them out. Sometimes I want to hear the volume. I enjoy shows. I enjoy the talent of bands being displayed in front of me and not just on a CD that they created in a studio with a hundred or more takes. Shows expose what a band is really like. It takes talent to slit your finger on a guitar string while playing and choose to finish the song. I could have closed my eyes and listened to the song and never known what had happened. 
  It pushes and challenges me. 

My apologies for the backwards words.

Currently Listening: "Is There a Ghost" by Band of Horses

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