Sunday, June 9, 2013

what you'll find.

  Do not pass quickly in judgment over the smallest of yard sales or bargain shops. Over the past couple of years, I have found some of my favorite articles of clothing, decor, and small joys in the most unlikely of places. Well, as unlikely as Goodwill and antique shops can be. Nonetheless, do not underestimate the goods within the building. My advice: do your research. Know the items you would like and be open to items that are not the exact replica but possibly a close second. Next, try it on. Though the orange stalls of fitting rooms in the local Goodwill is not too appealing, it does no good to end up with an item a couple sizes too big or even one size to small. Finally, take time to look at things. Small holes or stains, which will not be nice to you, create disappointment and frustration even if the item is only a few dollars. (A quick tip: having a mother who can somehow form a unique treasure from a once ill-fitting pair of pants never hurts.) I cannot say that thousands of hours have been apportioned to adventures to various yard, garage and estate sales, but I have been the fateful recipient of an eight dollar vintage Samsonite suitcase and a navy maxi skirt that makes summers in Georgia that much more bearable. Purchases aside, fun always accompanies a trip to the antique store. My sweet fiance posed for me in the above bow tie during our recent trip to "Paris on Ponce" in the VA highlands. Thanks to that hipster-friendly fabric, my man just might sport a Churchillian trademark on a date in the near future. Fingers are crossed here. Be creative. Try something new. Appreciate seasoned possessions.

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