Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  Everyone needs it. It either can be taken in small doses or large sums, but the need is inevitable. It was a morning that I wished I could have stayed enveloped in warm covers and dark silence. The alarm went off but pressing snooze twice only reminded me that class was in a little over an hour.
  Sometimes I wish I were one that could run on the littlest sleep possible. Maybe then my day would seem longer and I, potentially, could accomplish more. Every time my head hits the pillow I think of ten different things that I wanted to do but didn't. Of course, part of this diagnosis could be due to laziness or lack of ambition. I want every part of the day. Morning, noon, and night each serve their precious purpose. We rise with mercy and lie down with grace. Waking up early provides opportunity to run in the crisp air and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Staying up later means logs aflame in the fire place and a calm cup of tea with loved ones. Somewhat impossible to choose one or the other. Sleep gets in the way; without it we lose energy, but with it we lose time.
  Just some thoughts on the morning. This picture was what I was hoping to see or hear upon waking this morning.

Currently Listening: "Cicadas and Gulls" By Feist

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