Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the quiet.

   Between planning, work and various other time-consuming festivities, I have come to realize that being still and taking time is much more of a feat than I had imagined. Of course it is obvious that time alone and in the quiet is good for the soul and spirit, though carving that time out of the daily grind seems almost impossible some days. This morning I have woken up early, before the bird's chirping sounds and soft light coming through my shades. The house was quiet and I was left to think. It had been a while since this time was made a priority. I savored the hour before sunrise on those chilly mornings in New York City. I wanted to fight the drowsy feelings begging me to return to my warmed sheets.
    I like to think I can get back to that place. Mornings are the beginning of something never promised. I want my reflection to be that it was well spent.
    Good morning, everyone.

Currently Listening to silence.