Tuesday, July 15, 2014

vital organs.

Vital Organs by Jason Howell
Artwork by Katie Lynn Howell (moi)

    Since early February, this project has been stewing and marinating in the mind of Jason Howell. With most of the songs written years before the tracking began, kinks were settled to create this beautiful mix of singer-songwriter emotion with melodic cello parts and haunting choruses. Recorded right here in Atlanta, Georgia at The Cottage, Damon Moon used his producing mastery to develop Jason's songs into a complete and succinct sentence. A journey from a lonesome feeling surrounding love and the emotions entailed to the final track where you are taken on a stream of consciousness, wandering along a path traveling up and down the East coast. 

Track Listing:
1. When It Comes to Love
2. Arsenic Eaters
3. Skeletons
4. He That Hath Ears to Hear
5. Company I Keep
6. Mr. Finite
7. The Name Doesn't Make You a Son
8. Vital Organs 
9. Movement
10. Mustard Grain

Stream the whole album here!
If you want to purchase a physical copy of the Vital Organs, meet us at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta at 9pm this Friday evening!

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Monday, July 14, 2014


   In anticipation of what will await the next couple of weeks, I have settled into the idea of a new season. Reflection is one of the greatest tools we have in life that allows us to reach back into what has occurred and bring into the present so that we can make needed adjustments to the way we handle situations or even think of others. I have been back in Atlanta for just over a year, and even though it seems like a short amount of time, I have learned, grown, reflected, if you will, on what this season meant.
   First, it meant becoming a married woman. I am not sure that I can refer to myself in that manner just yet. The wording itself makes me feel like I added a decade to my life in a matter of months, but in terms of life lessons, one could probably propose such a thing. I am still young and I enjoy having fun, being with friends, and taking road trips to different cities. The difference now is I always have my best friend to go out with or come straight home to. He makes my eggs in the mornings while I half-rush to get ready for work. He does the dishes quickly when I know he would want to relax first. He makes our small apartment home and I like it that way.
   Next lesson has to do with work. What is work? Oh, right. That place we frequent, that pays bills? Yes. It also funds those road trips that make wonderful memories... yep. Well, work is what you make it, and though I enjoy a large portion of my duties, there are certainly hardships that make some days more difficult to bare. My greatest test of emotional consistency and sanity happened in the last six months or so. When I say test, it was almost like I was given the duty of carrying boxes full of loosely packed china up a five-floor building that only had stairs. The greater challenge was having over two-hundred boxes to carry in five trips. I will leave you to do the math. What I mean to explain here is balance and precision when dealing with a slough of tasks. Just in case there was any worry in regards to my current state of sanity, I believe we have basically made it through.
   I feel like ending on a positive note would be nice. Family. One of those things you appreciate more when you are not around them so often. We are still in Atlanta with a few weeks to go, but my heart is realizing the sadness that grows a small measure each day. I have been blessed with family that goes the extra mile and makes the effort to make me feel loved. I was suffering from a headache just last night, and as I would expect my momma rubbed my head and neck for me and researched a remedy for my small ailment. Not to mention just a couple of weeks ago my momma and I took on the project of making a blouse. I will admit, I cut most of the pieces and she sewed, but the outcome was a beautiful piece of art that I will cherish. It has a piece of her time and effort in it wherever it goes. I have sisters who share life with me. Char went with me to gaze at beautiful fixtures and clothing in Anthropologie while finishing the night with Jeni's Ice Cream as dessert.
   Memories. Those are the things that make it so hard to leave a place. I just have to remember that it only provides me with the opportunity to make more.

Wearing the top I made with my mom today.

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