Thursday, April 28, 2011


Pandas are my favorite animal. They are the most adorable thing ever; especially the baby ones.


  What is worth it? A question that could follow up this one is "what has worth?" Life hurls adversity at people giving them a chance to rise above the affliction. Trying moments provide opportunity to succeed or fail. Either way a lesson is learned. With success comes the satisfaction that the pain or trial that tore apart a heart was well worth it. Failure, although disappointing, offers the knowledge of being one wrong closer to right. I have sat in this chair for the past two hours bearing through the pain of uncalloused fingertips. Prayers have been thrown upwards in hopes  that supernatural talent would avail. Even though my fingers and ears would appreciate the blessing, without practice the notes on the guitar would not sound nearly as  sweet.
  We find worth in the result. Our eyes seem to be limited to a dim road filled with fog that makes seeing the destination just short of impossible. A year or two from now confidence could walk me onto a stage in front of people. Shaking hands will still ensue, but the times of weakness and sting conquered will carry the tune. Some of the worst yield the best. We endure for what will come.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, Hebrews 11:6. Time will come.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


  Due to my parents traveling to the Sunshine State for their anniversary trip, my older brother, sister and I have been left here to focus on school work, maintain a good work ethic, but mainly fend for ourselves. Our ages range from eighteen to twenty-five so the prospect of us surviving is rather high. We all drive. We all have jobs. We all are self-sufficient as far as school work is concerned. The problem boils down to food. Meals over the past six days have consisted of toast, toast with peanut butter, egg-in-a-hole, cereal, taco soup, and one meal from Chick-fil-a. Semi disappointing I would say.
  I awoke this morning with the feeling that I needed to have a more satisfying meal. Maybe something I concocted out of the remains of ingredients and treasures in our kitchen. To the lazy susan I went. The first item I saw was syrup. Not to much surprise my taste buds immediately began to beg. The only problem then was to find the recipe for pancakes. An entire bread section later, the recipe box gave no hint as to how I was supposed to make this morning meal. After a call to my mom, a text to my sister and a small scare from the scarce buttermilk, I was heating the skillet to enjoy a cooked meal; an endeavor, to say the least, but a reward. Fluffy pancakes filled my plate as I thanked the Lord for the meal set before me. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


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  Each season holds its special place in my heart. Autumn; I could say that this one is my favorite but I believe the other contenders would be offended. Crisp cool air and a proverbial feast of color warms my heart. Winter takes its toll on  the world with harsh whipping winds weathering the hearts and hands of victims. To much surprise, the cold and dreary pulls me inside to be a kid again and enjoy a cup of hot coco by the crackling fireplace. Winter enveloped Georgia with a harsh five day snow storm that shut down the city of Atlanta. Many took up a grudge against the ominous white; others embraced the blessing of time spent with family and friends. Spring resurrects hope. Dreams buried under a blanket of snow soon sprout up from the soil. A breath of fresh air brings a new beginning. The breeze finishes its dance in the trees as summer's heat rolls in from the South. A limitless season of fun could be a description. A trip to the beach or just to the park to enjoy the day and some ice cold lemonade.
  Many prefer one season to another. Negatives of one season overcome the good that is hidden with each month. Satisfaction seldom shows its face. Seasons are not only in the changing of leaves on a tree but in every part of our lives. Favoring of one over another is common. Hearts and minds fight to keep fond memories flowing through us. Hard times come. The joy in that statement is that they also say "so long." By no means should these chapters of life be re-read, for their words can often sting as an open wound. But just as a flower shows its radiant color after a bitter winter, a weighted heart can be made light.

"Love will not break your heart but dismiss you fears"

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