Friday, December 7, 2012


  If anyone has the opportunity to live in New York City, I am a firm believer in the fact that they must be in the city for the Christmas season. As if the city were not glamorous enough, all of the stops are pulled out as Christmas. Fir trees dressed in twinkle lights and some form of ribbon or bows adorn every store window, building entrance and home. Lights are strung around fire escapes and occasionally someone brings out the "big old bulbs." Years from now I will be able to look back on my first year in this city and get to say that I lived across the street from the 34th Street Macy's. Because the city is so short on space, normal happenings that take place on large plots of land in the South line the streets near grocery stores or plant nurseries. I was walking home from the grocery last night carrying festive eggnog to make a holiday punch along with ingredients for some brownies to bring to a Christmas party later that evening. All of the sudden I could smell the faintest scent of evergreen and I could not see where it was coming from. A few more blocks and the sweetest batch of bare Christmas trees, large and small, were patiently waiting to meet their family for the season. 

  Christmas trees are one of my favorite parts of the holidays. As I grew older, my responsibility in the house was to decorate the tree each year and I did not take the task lightly. The tree needed to be evenly lit with twinkle lights, really old ornaments and the red banners and bows my momma made years ago. Yes, dressing the tree is exciting, but the most wonderful part comes after the house is quiet. Late into the night, when many have gone to bed, I love to sit in the living room just watching the tree. As a young girl, I remember laying underneath the branches, looking up to the illuminated ornaments hanging from the boughs. Maybe that is where the magic was for me. My family never believed in Santa Claus, though our hearts are knitted closely to A Miracle on 34th Street. Magic came from the beauty in the season. I was awe struck as a young girl in my living room and the feeling returns each holiday. 


  Disappointment was my friend near the start of the holiday season. We all know that the important part of the Christmas season is being with loved ones. My flight home was scheduled for December 21st and I found myself wishing that I had more of the season with the ones I love. Little did I know that my precious Jason would surprise me with a trip to the city. It was one of the best gifts I could have ever received. All I wanted to make this Christmas in New York better was to share it with the ones I care for the most, and I got to have Jason come be a part of it for five whole days. We walked together in the brisk, cold air and went ice skating in Bryant Park. We enjoyed hot drinks that warmed our frozen hands and meandered through holiday markets. We played music together and sang Christmas tunes. I implore all those who are with the ones they love right now, be quick to spend time enjoying them. Life walks us through many seasons with many purposes. Not to say that any are better than others, but learning to appreciate what is in the season is important. In my season, there is the hope of burgeoning friendship. There is the light from Macy's outside of my building. There is a family in Georgia waiting for me to get home. Merry Christmas.

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