Wednesday, June 13, 2012

look out nyc.

  A trip to the city shall begin this Monday. Obvious feelings of excitement and nerves are fluttering in my stomach, but the reality of the next season beginning surfaces a confidence in me. This assurance is nothing foreign nor common. It rushes in swiftly as though it was brought by the wind. To my knowledge and understanding, these feelings are not whimsical thoughts drifting in and out, but truths worth standing on and trusting in. Talk of visiting small bakeries and visiting all of the places I have only heard of in the movies causes joy to well up within me. A big step, such as a move into the "city that never sleeps," does not come without work. It would be nice if family members' emotions emerged rationally and feelings unscathed. There are moments that I believe the dealing with relationships due to moving is a certain degree more difficult than living there on my own. 
  As with any decision, people's opinions inevitably find their place floating amongst the sea of thoughts in our minds. Most people do not receive a handbook on how to successfully leave the nest in the best fashion. The "ripping off of the band-aid" idea tends to leave scars when it comes to this situation. Sitting down and discussing feelings, hurts and fears is much more difficult than picking everything up and leaving quickly. It looks much more like tending to each individual wound to ensure complete healing. It takes patience and humility; two things I am in need of daily. 
  Don't worry, it will all work out in the end. My first thought when hearing this places a passive responsibility upon my shoulders. I dare not be fooled to believe that is the truth. It works out when I choose to work on the relationship, miscommunication, or failings I inevitably encounter because I am human. I try? Is that what the catch is? Does wanting to make things better and trying to have a better attitude work everything out? I know that it would not hurt. It all boils down to, "He works all things together for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purposes." I love the Lord and I know that I am called. If I chose to be obedient in anything He asks me to do then I can be confident that I will find myself equipped with every tool I need to face a situation with love and grace. 
   Enjoy the summer sun. 

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