Saturday, November 26, 2011


  As much as all roads look the same up close, many differ in shape, size and form. We travel on these roads hoping that the turns and changing elevations will bring a delightful surprise around the bend. We slope into low valleys that take a climb to get out, but in the end we make it. No two roads look the same. Though sometimes our wiry roads converge with another's to get to a common end. I feel like a small child in the backseat asking the infamous question, "Are we there yet?" Most often when posing that question, the trip has only lasted just over an hour or two. Stuck in a car seat, someone can learn a lot. Contentment would be put into practice along with patience. Much to our dismay, the lessons are more challenging than anticipated though they produce much fruit.
  I find myself in a valley or on a long trip today. I know the end will be fulfilling yet the drive seems slow. In the waiting, I have something more than a book, or short show to watch; I have faith. There is grace and peace for those that take hold of it. I trust in the Lord and that what He wants to accomplish is good. There's something to be said for those of us that can stand to wait. I have no intention of stopping my car. The sayings try to explain the feeling when speaking of green grass and silver linings. Only the Lord can water the grass or make the sun come out to shine. He is what we wait for. Or possibly, He has been waiting on us. I am learning.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

diy christmas trees.

  It's that time of year again. The time when stores are bustling with people and Christmas music fills the mall. My mom brings up the boxes stuffed with decorations and in just a few hours our house turns into a  picturesque holiday home. My favorite part has always been the tree. I would say that if it was the only decoration I had, I would be pleased. It's the smell. It's the light it brings to the room. It's the moments of family sitting in the dark with the fire crackling, enjoying a cup of coco while watching the illumined tree glow. It warms my heart. 
  In the coldest season of the year, I seem to be the warmest. My parents have always done a wonderful job at making this season a magical one. Not one Christmas do I ever remember being disappointed. Whether we were making cookies, shopping, decorating, or just being together, something was there. It's a something that brings us all together. Many years my heart thought it was just "Christmas." But more than that, it is the season that we celebrate the reason we have unity and life. If it weren't for a manger, this season, which we all love so dearly, would cease to exist. 
  More this year, I have been wrapped in thoughts of wanting Christmas to be perfect. I can find such fault in placing so much emphasis on that idea. I just want to be with my family. I want to be with the people I know have been there every year. I want to celebrate life and the gift of the most wonderful family I could have asked for. The likelihood of Christmases changing over the next few years is real. 
  I have been given a better gift than what I open Christmas morning. I get to love on the ten, and now eleven, people that were placed in my life. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

the bee's knees.

I have no idea why this saying is so cute, but it is. It is undefined, yet everyone knows what it means. Things like this are endearing. It's not like a saying that loses it's value. It is used sparingly to keep the charm. My boy said it to me the other day to be silly, but it turned out to be sweet like a bee's honey.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


An adorable sweater made from a regular sweatshirt and some doilies. 
I am on a hunt for some doilies to make this.

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  Anticipation for what the show would bring filled every soul. Memories of how wonderfully crafted the previous album, "The Reminder" was, planted a seed of hope that "Metals" would be a success. Leslie Feist, a Canadian singer-songwriter, is a success grown from failure. From the confident stage presence she carries, no one would suspect a hint of this truth.
  She marched on stage with pure gratitude that even one person would attend the show. "Undiscovered First" opened the show and the stage itself became an instrument. Leslie along with her trio of voices would stomp to provide a solid beat. Tambourines, shakers, bells, and various other homemade instruments were used to create the small sounds heard in various parts of the album. Even cloaks that had bells and shakers sewn into the inside were worn by the trio creating a soft jingle as they swayed. Creativity flowed from every inch of the Tabernacle's stage the night of November sixth, two thousand and eleven. Feist asks that the crowd join her in song. "Do-do's" and "na-na's" gave the audience a part to play and out of all of the previous shows played on this tour, Atlanta was the first to "na na na."
  Pleasure beamed from every face on stage. To reward Atlanta, Georgia, the trio named "Mountain Men," sang a beautiful a cappella song that left my mouth hanging open. Voice being one of my favorite components of music made it easy for me to appreciate the perfect pitch and harmony that the ladies performed.  Not only did the entire new album, "Metals," get played flawlessly, but a few of her oldies were remastered with an new indie-rock flare. Her voice was pure. Talent that is a gift.
  A set of four encore songs were written in on the setlist. Leslie and the trio came out with just one guitar to play "Cicadas and Gulls." All four crouched around one microphone, relying solely on the voices coming from the others. Another encore song, "Let it Die," was so sweet I turned around to dance with Jason. A few on stage liked the idea and began dancing with each other. The little, unique things that take place in a show are what makes it so memorable.
  All of the musicians were off-stage and people were leaving. The front row was begging for a setlist from the techs on stage. As with every other show, Jason headed to the back to ask the sound guys for a setlist and it was ours. There was a still feeling in the venue. Almost strange, as if something else would happen. The techs were in no hurry to clear the equipment and we were left to watch. All of the sudden Jason said that we needed to stay and see if Feist would come back out. Within a few minutes of clapping and hollers, she made her way back onto stage, alone, with her electric guitar. Much to our delight, Leslie sang her song "Intuition" for the few fans that remained. She didn't do it because she had to. She wanted to. All of the hard work and time spent in a studio had given her that moment. She could play her music, and people wanted to hear it.
 You have no premonition for what will happen on the stage yet everything you want to see is displayed.  It was a concert that makes you walk away having a deeper love for the art of music.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love these flowers. 

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  I love it when these types of things happen. Bands that have made it big and could play anywhere they want decide to drive to a college town to perform for a capacity of five hundred. The show was announced just over a week before the date and we were lucky to get the tickets. Jason and I got to spend the evening with my best friend and her boyfriend in the bulldog college town. A hole-in-the-wall restaurant called "clocked" served up a feta cheese and bacon burger that hit the spot. It just happened to be a couple doors away from the "40 watt club" venue. 
  On the way up I realized that I had no cash in case I wanted to get a shirt. Jason graciously informed me that the merch from Band of Horses was less than appealing at their other shows. With this knowledge I quickly dismissed the thought of obtaining cash. Wouldn't we know it that when we walked into "40 watt" and looked to the right, there was a shirt with my favorite animal (besides a panda) on it. Oh owls... Jason was so sweet to get me the shirt, even after a fiasco with an ATM machine that had no money. My best friend and I now have wonderful owl shirts. 
  OH! and about the show. It was wonderful. Band of Horses blew me away with their pristine harmonies. For such an odd-ball group covered in strange tattoos and skinny jeans, they sure know how to create beautiful music. A few of my favorite songs are "Laredo" and "The General Specific." My hopes are always high that they will play "Evening Kitchen" but I soon realize that it is far-fetched. Loud moments caused me to put ear plugs in but a few of my favorite songs begged me to take them out. Sometimes I want to hear the volume. I enjoy shows. I enjoy the talent of bands being displayed in front of me and not just on a CD that they created in a studio with a hundred or more takes. Shows expose what a band is really like. It takes talent to slit your finger on a guitar string while playing and choose to finish the song. I could have closed my eyes and listened to the song and never known what had happened. 
  It pushes and challenges me. 

My apologies for the backwards words.

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