Wednesday, March 2, 2011


All of these pretties found at ModCloth.

  Spring is in the air and nothing warms my heart more than the stitched dresses that adorn the windows of stores in the mall. A dress. A piece of clothing tailored only to women. All people wear shirts and pants and shoes, but only women wear the dress. Femininity makes its debut in the lace or tulle of a perfect gown.  From little girls all the way to our sweet grandmothers, these dresses mark the evenings that changed our lives: daddy-daughter dances, prom, recitals, the first date. An entire memory can be recalled from the dress that was worn. 
  Ladies have the privilege of wearing something so precious. I sometimes put on my favorite dresses in my room and dance around,  acting as though I were at a very important event. A summer dress walks me into the park with sandaled feet and no agenda. An evening dress dances me into a room surrounded by couples mistaking the evening for a karaoke night as they sing their favorite song to a loved one. A comfy dress sits me on a couch with conversation of music and life accompanied by some sweets. All of them carry such a tale. To have a story is almost excuse enough to make the purchase. 
  My niece is at an age where all she picks out in the morning to wear are dresses; with the occasional skirt tossed in. Even at the age of six, girls want to feel pretty and feminine. Somehow over the years many lose the feeling they once held in their bedroom mirror. My research has proven that twirling is good for the soul. Research stemming from just over eighteen years of special events, sisters and friends. Its okay to be girly, and more than okay to enjoy it. 

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