Tuesday, March 29, 2011


  They are cruel, those little wells of emotion.  Many times they let secrets escape. These crevices have no feelings of their own yet unveil the heart of whom they belong. Tears can form as quickly as a trigger pulled on a gun. Small drops of humanity do not fear the thoughts that accompany them; they know their purpose. A world with a heart of stone teaches people to bury. A simple expression innately given to each of us suddenly becomes shameful. This world deceives a broken heart into the possession of weakness because of tear-stained cheeks.
  Remembering that humans were created with emotions quickly escapes the mind. People feel. Hearts hurt. Tears have the privilege of releasing the words that could not be spoken with a voice. The flesh that fears streams of release never experiences the healing they can bring. A negative view of this emotion lets one forget that a cry can be for happiness. A bride's eyes are pricked by tears the moment she meets the gaze of her precious groom. A mother weeps after seeing the gift that was brought by long-suffering and pain. A young lady cries for hope restored to a solemn soul of loneliness.
  None of us possess the mask of immortality that leaves us numb to life. We were made to love and laugh and be sad but not remain that way.

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