Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  Last Thursday, an unusually warm day for February, I drove down to Lenox Mall with a soundtrack of Kings of Leon's "Only By the Night."  With my windows rolled down, my love for Autumn diminished for just a few minutes. The venture into the downtown area never ceases to amaze me. Even if one passes the same buildings on a routine trip, nothing looks the same. Each day takes on a new story and adventure in the city. The right turn off of Interstate eighty-five makes a part of my heart leap. The unique buildings and overgrown greenery line the street as you draw nearer to Lenox square. This was my first trip to the area on my own. Normally company would be welcomed, but that day lonesome was my friend. The mess of my mind could have been a contributing symptom.
  Traveling to a part of town where the likelihood of seeing someone I know is low gives me a feeling of peace; almost as if for a couple of hours I left the country. Faces pass. Feet shuffle. Bodies move with only two motives; one being on a mission and the other to spend a leisurely day window shopping. The purpose of the trip was to purchase a gift for my friend that turned the big one-eight on Sunday. As long as I was down there, I decided to enjoy the trip.
  A few items were bought; seldom do I not find a steal. I meandered around, observing the groups of people and interactions. Competing scents from every store swarmed me as I passed each store front. People spoke in a normal tone but the amount of voices created a cacophonous hum silencing the faint music whispering from overhead speakers. A backwards feeling of comfort joined the estranged shopper. Freedom of thought. Thoughts that normally turn into a conversation with the Lord.
  I found myself secluded with my hopes, dreams, fears, and prayers while surrounded by people. It was a good day. Life moves fast. Many times we get caught up in progressing to the next best thing that we forget how much we have in the here-and-now. Lesson learned: God is in no rush. It is not something that is easy to believe or understand in our microwave society. Contentment is not found in the price tags of a mall. Thankfully, contentment comes from someone that is unchanging and faithful.

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