Wednesday, February 16, 2011


  It is good to have goals. Whatever size, big or small, the urge to be, do, finish or even begin is important. People need to have dreams for them to come true. Around the start of the new year I began thinking about New Year's resolutions. Everyone has heard of this phenomenon that in the coming year they will change this, this, that, oh and that too. Most of the time just a short while into the year those, once important goals, become just another fleeting thought. I will be honest, many resolutions have come and gone in my own life. The only plan of mine that has been a success is refraining from drinking carbonated beverages (going on two years.) Our world has taught us that it is okay to give up. Better yet, the mind set of "why even try" has infected the minds of people young and old. Don't succumb to the lessening expectations of the world around us. Scrawled in chalk on my friends wall is the saying, "life is an occasion, rise to it." At first, reading those few words caused me to ponder; am I making the most of the life I live? For some more than others it is hard to find the much-talked-about silver lining on the passing clouds. My hopes are held high that grass turns greener for you.
  My heart is to encourage. I find things I love to do and make sure I make time for them in my day. If you knew how many to-do lists I acquire each day you would think I am ridiculous, but it helps me. Life should be enjoyed. Stepping foot out on my back porch today pulled the corners of my small grin into a wide smile. Birds of every feather sang their sweet songs as the wind caused the bare trees to dance in anticipation of their fresh foliage. New beginnings is what Spring dangles before us. 
  One of my many lists was inspired by a blog that I tend to read. I recently turned eighteen in January and thought that this list would encourage me to accomplish goals in the coming year. "18 things to do before I turn 19." A novel idea. Tasks ranging from small to large are numbered on the page. A few items I've already brought to fruition! It's not impossible. Each morning we wake up to a gift. 

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