Monday, February 21, 2011


  Tonight I decided to accompany dinner with the movie, "Julie & Julia." I have found much delight being a party of one for the evening. My taco soup and tortilla chips don't quite seem to be up to par while watching such an array of French cooking but none-the-less, it tickled my taste buds. "Julie & Julia" tells the story of two women discovering their adoration for food and culinary art about five decades apart. Julia Child, after following her husband in an adventure to live in France, decides to go to a cooking school to further her knowledge and occupy her plentiful time. Her love for cooking leads her to co-author a French cookbook for all of the "American servant-less cooks."  Julie Powell becomes distraught with her melancholy life of a cubicle and decides to cook her way through "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child. She documents this endeavor by writing a daily blog for a year. Julie finds herself traveling through hills and valleys of emotion, but in the end enjoying her boldness to tackle such an assignment.
  Movies based on true stories have just something about them. Although the account is not first-hand and actors have been hired to re-create the story, it succeeds to savor every detail. The film is set in a dichotomy of locations comparing the adorable French town to the city of Brooklyn, New York where sleep is a foreign treasure. One thing to admire about the French is their respect for the time devoted to meals. My "tv-dinner" this evening would be a disgrace to the French culture; dinner is not to be an event observed out of obligation but time set aside to be with family and friends.
  Hopefully one day I will be blessed with an opportunity to travel to Europe and live amidst the French. No longer just hear of the bakery on the corner that gives special attention to the pastries and fresh bread baked daily, but buy some of my own. A different culture. A life outside of normalcy, at least as America knows it. I would like to do many things. Cooking an entire meal that is tasteful and enjoyable is written on my list of things to accomplish before I turn nineteen. I shall begin my search for the meal that will cross the item off of my list. For anyone that has yet to enjoy their dinner this evening, Bon Appetit!

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