Tuesday, October 7, 2014


  As almost every young lady across the nation has already proclaimed, it is fall and thus begins the most wonderful season of the year. I am quite biased on this opinion and there are plenty of good aspects of other seasons, but without fail, this one is my favorite. Autumn hold memories of baking and pumpkin patches. I remember the beginnings of my relationship with Jason and the cool air that met my face on a morning run with my sister. I think of my first time in the city and how glorious the season was because it saved me from New York's unbearable heat. I get to re-watch You've Got Mail for the hundredth time and fall in love with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks' banter all over again. I think of the preparation that began in March of last year and continued until the most beautiful day I have ever experienced when I married my best friend.

  So many wonderful things about this season. I look forward to celebrating the end to my first year of marriage and also the start of working at In Earnest Magazine as an Intern. It is always good to pause and reflect. I think I spend to much time dwelling on the negative so I am trying to make it a priority to focus on the beautiful aspects of my life that surround me daily.

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