Monday, July 22, 2013


  Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. While getting older, the dream becomes more of a reality. Blogs, Pinterest, and Tumblr feed this ethereal experience of that "one day." We all end up having ideas about what we would like, however detailed we choose to be. Then the time comes to plan and you learn more about yourself than first realized. Many grooms fear the woman they asked to marry them within this season, and others hope that their lady will get everything done in time. Honestly, there are good aspects on each side. The former gets everything done and is (hopefully) perfectly satisfied with the outcome on the day of the wedding. The latter will mosey along, doing tasks here and there, whimsically pulling together ideas and possibly pulling everything together just in time.
  I stand here today to say that I am completely and utterly the latter of these personalities. I guess I am a dreamer who figures everything has worked out before. My laid back approach has saved the added stress of this season, yet there are still plenty of tasks to finish before October 19th. In my mind, all of the pieces will float together almost magically. The morning of, I will find this perfect field of wildflowers to string together as my bouquet and my attendants' dresses will flow with an ombre perfection as the decorations are placed daintily around the barn. Sounds wonderful to me. Thankfully, I have sweet women who love me and give of their time to coordinate and direct me in the ways I need to go to get things done.

  The exciting portion is still to come. Craft nights, ordering decorations, and picking out bridesmaids' dresses all mean time with the ladies who will stand with me that day. For a focus and goal, I choose to make the most of this time, to have a good attitude and to above all be someone that others want to be around. Easy enough? I guess I will see. In just under three months, I will never have this season again. I will never again be able to gaze at wedding pictures and envision my own day. I want to do this well and to be proactive in my efforts. When it is all said and done, Jason and I will be married, the people will all have some food, and everyone will be smiling.

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