Tuesday, February 21, 2012


  It doesn't mean that you choose to do what you don't want to all of the time; that is a lie. We choose to lay down a momentary satisfaction for something that will far surpass a fleeting second. I am learning more each day of what it means to have an eternal perspective. Why did I give up time today? Possibly my fear. Possibly wanting to protect. For whatever reason it brought me to my knees. Even if we tried, we couldn't fake what our heart's cry truly is.
  It doesn't mean that you never reap a reward; that is a lie. Actually it is the exact opposite. I know that I will gain fruits that brings life to the fullest. I know that my heart will be complete and satisfied. I believe that there will be joy.
  It doesn't mean that hard days are all that comes; that is a lie. I refuse to believe in some sunken moments that disappointment or frustration is all that I will see. Consistency is birthed through continuing to choose the words that will remain forever and not the fears of the flesh. Selflessness. Humility. Peace. Faith.

I want it all; therefore I wait.

Currently Listening: "Sailboats" by Brooke Fraser

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