Tuesday, January 25, 2011


   Anywhere I find myself throughout my day, music takes its place. From the bluegrass sounds of a banjo to harsh beats of a drum, I am lost. There is just something that happens when I take time to listen. This could be said for more things than one. So much talent can be heard in just a few measures or notes. No two people's inspiration derives from the same place. Music could be seen as a photograph of how someone sees the world. A joyful tune like Brooke Fraser's "Something in the Water" tells the tale of a girl in love. She can't contain her building excitement and suspense. A solemn song as Kings of Convenience's "Homesick" relays a story of a salesman searching for answers. He tries to find out how somewhere on the path his purpose was lost along with the place he belongs. Two polar opposite tones drawn from the same world.
   Many musicians say in their songs what they can't in conversation. A safety net. No laws are imposed when you can call the work your own. Maybe one day I will have this ability; to express what I feel through the marriage of music and lyrics. 

Currently Listening: The Civil Wars new Album "Barton Hollow" (release date 2.1.11)

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